Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive when it comes to choosing a new Counter Top are:

  1. What, exactly, is the difference between Granite and Quartz?
  2. Do I really have to seal my Granite? How hard is it to do that?
  3. Can I set a hot pan on my new Counter Top? Can I cut veggies, etc. on it?
  4. Will I my new Counter Top have a seam?
  5. How much do Granite and Quartz Cost?
  6. Is there a less expensive option for those of us on a budget?

Because there are so many options and variables to consider when choosing your new Counter Top, we are using this post to clear up some of the confusion out there. Below is a synopsis of each Counter Top material that Centennial Carpets offers, including individual characteristics for comparison.


GRANITE counter tops are made from slabs of 100% natural stone that was formed millions of years ago when molten rock from the earth’s core was pushed to the surface. Granite is comprised primarily of quartz, with mica, graphite, and other minerals. The natural beauty of Granite, with its veining and fissures, is inherent in every slab, making each piece one of a kind. Granite’s extreme hardness makes it uncommonly durable and extremely appealing for every-day use in the home. Granite’s beauty endures forever. Most Granite applications will contain seams which can be seen and felt, but blend in nicely with the color of the stone.

Granite is naturally porous and must be sealed to prevent bacterial growth and staining/etching from oily or acidic substances (such as citrus juice, vinegar, wine, etc.) Granite can naturally withstand high temperatures and is virtually impervious to cuts and scratches. Under mounted sink applications look best with granite counter tops. Centennial Carpets offers endless colors and styles of granite counter tops starting at around $70 per square foot, installed. We offer a 2 year Warranty on the installation of your granite counter tops. Properly cared for granite should last a lifetime.


QUARTZ counter tops are a primarily natural surface. They are made up of 93% natural quartz (the primary mineral in granite) and 7% poly-resins. The quartz in these counter tops gives them their depth of color and unparalleled durability—an unmatched combination of natural beauty and strength. Only three minerals in nature (diamond, sapphire, and topaz) are harder than quartz, making it highly scratch-resistant. Of course, anything can be scratched if you try hard enough, and cutting directly on quartz will dull knife blades, thus use of a cutting board is recommended. Quartz’s polished surface is non-porous and highly resistant to stains. Unlike Laminates and Solid Surface, Quartz tops are heat and scorch-resistant. Most Quartz applications will contain seams, which can be seen and felt, but blend in nicely with the color of the stone. Quartz never needs to be sealed and retains its shine.

Cleaning Quartz Counter Tops is easy with warm soapy water or mild household cleaners. Strong chemicals and solvents could harm Quartz Counter Tops and are therefore discouraged. Under mounted sink applications look best with Quartz Counter Tops. Centennial Carpets offers Quartz Counter Tops by Silestone®, HanStone®, and CaesarStone® which altogether offer over 150 color/pattern choices, starting at around $70 per square foot, installed. Quartz tops carry a 25 year to Limited Lifetime Warranty.

LAMINATE Counter Tops were first introduced over 100 years ago, in 1913. They are man-made of several layers of kraft paper impregnated with melamine thermosetting resin and topped with a decorative layer protected by melamine, then compressed and cured with heat. Laminate Counter Tops are the ultimate in Affordable Luxury. They feel warm and inviting to the touch, are tough and long-lasting, and have been the most-used residential counter top material for decades.

Today’s innovative Laminates, with a choice of textures and stunning edge profiles are unmatched in their ability to look like real stone at a fraction of the cost. Gone are the sharp, square edges with unsightly brown lines. Cutting boards and hot pads or trivets should be used to protect Laminate Counter Tops from cuts, scratches and burns. Under mounted or Drop-In Sink applications both look and function well with Laminate Counter Tops. Centennial Carpets carries Laminate Counter Tops by Formica® and Wilsonart®, with over 130 color/pattern choices starting at around $10/SF installed, and carry a 2 year Limited Warranty.

7. How thick are the counter tops and what colors and edge-styles are available?

Laminate counter tops are 1 ½” thick. Quartz and Granite counter tops are 3cm (1 ¼”) thick. Please contact Centennial Carpets to gather more information and to see the extensive variety of color and edge-style selections offered.